Hotel Chatter

“…. access into the Grand Club's sprawling, beige-accented lounge area. … And yes, nature is kind of a theme here, with those dried butterflies, and a piled rock sculpture (which is actually made of wood), and bright bursts of greenery coming from the terrace outside. …. But the Grand Club itself is a sanctuary. You walk in and the space feels perfectly open, yet private, yet exotic, yet incredibly grounding and homey. It's seriously all of those things at once. Perhaps our favorite is the little nook by the window, on the far left side of the room. Sit here in a wide leather arm chair, let the light pour in, and gaze out at the trimmed hedges. Think of it like Hudson Terrace but without the hassle of trekking up to 59th St.”

- HOTEL CHATTER, January 18, 2012 by ASchechter